Get a Custom-Built PC for Video Editing PC in Leeds

Whether you want to stream live videos through platforms like Twitch and YouTube, or of you want to produce your own videos for school or business, having the right Custom Built PC will make your work easier and faster. When you have a powerful computer for video editing, the creative process will become easier with less interruptions and an overall faster workflow.

One problem that many people have is knowing which PC to buy. Can you use laptops in Leeds, is a desktop better for video editing, and what kind of specs will you need?

At MH Computers we can build custom video editing PCs in Leeds, and we also stock powerful business laptops that can be used for lightweight editing on the go. Today we’ll tell you how to choose the right solution for you.

Using Refurbished Laptops in Leeds for Video Editing

Many people prefer the convenience of laptops for modern workloads. When you buy a Laptop in Leeds for video editing, you will have the convenience of mobility, allowing you to create and edit video content on the go.

Our refurbished laptops in Leeds are comparable to the latest computers in terms of hardware and power, but there are still some limitations that you will need to consider. Laptops use low-power processors that are designed for power efficiency. While you can edit videos without any problems on our refurbished laptops, some tasks like rendering and 3D animation will take much longer to perform when compared to a powerful desktop PC.

Ultimately, you’ll need to decide whether the trade-off is worth it. Do you value mobility, or do you simply want the most powerful solution that allows you to work faster?

Custom-Built PCs in Leeds for Video Editing

The second, and technically the better option, is to use one of our custom-built PCs in Leeds that have been specifically configured for video editing. With a custom desktop, you’ll be able to choose the amount of RAM you have installed, you’ll be able to select a processor with a high core and thread count, and you could add a powerful graphics card if you will be performing 3D rendering or other similarly intensive workloads.

Obviously, a PC won’t be portable, but you will be able to get much more performance for a cost that is comparable to a mid or high-end laptop. Newer generation processors like the AMD Ryzen 2600 (6 Cores/12 Threads) can get through intensive video editing workloads without difficulty. Rendering videos will be much faster on a modern desktop processor when compared to a laptop, potentially saving you hours on longer videos.

With a desktop, you’ll also have the option to upgrade in the future, making for a better long-term investment.

Get the Best Advice When You Are Buying Computers in Leeds

The two solutions can make sense in different scenarios. If you will primarily perform general productivity work but want to be able to produce videos at times, then a refurbished laptop in Leeds could be perfect. If you want to play and stream games or perform more intensive content creation for online distribution or professional use, then a custom-built PC will allow you to work faster and with fewer limitations.

Talk to us today to get the best advice on either solution, and to get full access to our range of refurbished laptops in Leeds, along with our fully custom PC building service.