The New Intel i9 Processor – Everything We Know So Far

In recent weeks, there’s been a lot of positive buzz surrounding AMD’s Ryzen series of CPUs. The company, coming from the ashes of their underwhelming Bulldozer architecture, managed to release a whole new line of chipsets that took the fight to Intel, with higher core counts and better multitasking performance.

Intel, a company that loves to hold the spotlight when it comes to microprocessors, has now announced a new line of i9 CPUs that can compete with Ryzen on core count, and one particular chip even raises the bar with the most cores we’ve ever seen on a consumer marketed processor.

36 Threads of Power

The flagship of the new range is the Intel i9 7980XE. It’s an 18 core hyper threaded CPU, offering 36 threads in total, which should allow for some phenomenal multitasking performance in highly demanding productivity and content creation applications. The new silicon will offer 44 PCIe lanes, allowing for all of the GPU and solid state storage support that most enthusiast users could ask for.

While there’s no doubt that this will make an excellent chip for users that have high demands, its usefulness as a gaming CPU is somewhat limited. Modern games struggle to utilize more than four cores, let alone the 18 (with twice the treads) that the i9 7980XE will offer. So, while this is definitely a strong technical offering from Intel, it’s probably not the best idea for your upcoming custom gaming PC Leeds build.

Price Could be an Issue

Although nothing has been finalised yet, price is going to be a major factor in the success of this chip. With most sources believing the chip will retail at around the £1500 it is undoubtedly out of reach of most gamer’s and even business users, and will likely only appeal to a very small niche area of the market.

It should also be considered that AMD’s own Thread Ripper CPU, which will feature 16 cores and 32 threads, could cost as little as $1000 USD upon release later this year. At this stage, AMD has a much more efficient manufacturing process, using their Infinity Thread technology that allows for higher yields and more cost effective manufacturing. Thread ripper will also feature 64 PCIe lanes, which means it will be more suited to users who are running complex PCIe storage configurations or even SLI graphic’s setups.

Great News for PC Users

While the top of the range Intel i9 might not be designed for everyone, it represents something that is very good news for PC gamer’s, content creators, and business professionals.

AMD’s Ryzen has brought serious competition to the market, and they will continue with thread ripper. You can almost guarantee that the i9 chip wouldn’t have been quite as capable if Intel weren’t being pushed, and that can only be a good thing for consumers.

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