Get Leading Antivirus and Internet Security Solutions for your Leeds Refurbished Laptop and Refurbished Desktops

If you’ve recently purchased a new or refurbished laptop in Leeds, then an internet security and antivirus solution is something that you should consider purchasing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business user, a gamer, or even a student; internet security is something that you need to take seriously.

In 2017, malware attacks grew by 200%. Attacks on embedded devices were up 300%, and malware coin-mining infections increased by more than 8500%. If you’re using the internet for any purpose, then there is a risk of being exposed to malicious software.

Keeping your computer protected is as simple as running a reputable antivirus and internet security program, however, there are shocking statistics that reveal one in six Windows based computers have no protection, or outdated malware and virus definitions.

The Best Solution for Internet Security in Leeds

New laptops, refurbished laptops Leeds, and desktop computers all need protection. At MH Computers, we exclusively provide BullGuard Antivirus and Internet Security software.

We choose BullGuard because it’s one of the best security solutions currently on the market. It can be installed in new desktops, refurbished laptops Leeds, new laptops, or even the computer that you have at home or work today.

BullGuard has received some of the highest awards in the industry, including Gold Malware Protection Awards from AV-Comparatives, and 100% Protection and Malware Detection awards from

How BullGuard Works to protect your Leeds Computers

BullGuard provides comprehensive malware and virus protection. It starts with your own network, with the software regularly scanning for threats on existing devices. Scans are also performed on new devices as soon as they are connected to your network, so it’s almost impossible to introduce vulnerabilities, even if you’ve just purchased a new desktop computer or laptop in Leeds.

Even modern smart devices are scanned, including network speakers, baby monitors, and thermostats. Malicious parties are using more sophisticated software that can find vulnerabilities in the most unexpected devices, so a security system like this is essential in 2018.

The BullGuard software suite also scans webpages that you visit, files you download, and ensures that your computers and other devices are protected from unauthorised external connections. BullGuard locks any detected malware into quarantine before your computer can be infected. Malware is removed afterwards, all with no need for manual interaction if you’re busy doing work or browsing the web.

BullGuard also provides a highly effective firewall that outperforms the basic solution bundled with your operating system.

All of this happens automatically, with negligible impact on system performance. BullGuard gives constant protection without any negative effect on your experience. When you want a security solution that is seamlessly integrated, this is hands down the best choice on the market.

Don’t Leave Yourself at Risk of Malware and Virus Infection

Protect your new refurbished laptop Leeds, your home PC, and your business computers with industry leading BullGuard from MH Computers. We can provide direct sales and installation, along with a range of IT support services for businesses, homes, schools, and charitable organizations within Leeds and the surrounding areas.