So heres what we know……

According to recent articles on the web there will still be nearly 30% of personal computers running Windows 7 on the 14th January 2020 when end of support will finish. These will in affect leave nearly a third of all Windows 7 computers prone to viruses and malware as they wont recieve the usual monthly updates from Microsoft. As we know these are highly important as we are constantly under threat each time we turn on our computers and without these patches, your at risk so it might be worth considering getting your PC or Laptop upgraded to Windows 10 before support runs out next month.

And here is what we can do for you…..

As we know it’s costly to buy a new laptop, especially when your current laptop is working fine. Here at MH Computers Ltd in Ossett we can take your current Windows 7 device, clean it, service it, upgrade it and relicence it so it’s working on Windows 10 (you can even have Home or the Pro Edition). This can be done the same day, it just depends on what needs doing to your device and if you pick an upgrade such as an SSD or more RAM.

If we decide that your Windows 7 Upgrade cant be carried out due to the minumum requirements not been right or its just not worth doing then we have alternative solutions. You could get a new Laptop or PC in Ossett or even better, go for a refurbished one. We have numerous devices to suit all budgets with Desktop PCs starting from as little as £50 or a Laptop from £120.

All our refurbished Desktop PCs and Laptops are fully tested and cleaned before they go up for sale so you know you can rely on MH Computers in Ossett for a decent device!

If this sounds like something you require but unsure how to go about it then call us on 01924 900059 or visit the website at