All you Windows 8 users may be please to know that Microsoft have released Windows 8.1 which is available to Windows 8 users by visiting the Store . This update has been done with the interest of customers who have been making complaints

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft have come to the aid of their dedicated customers by releasing a new update to try and solve the issues they had raised with Windows 8. Users will now have the option choose either the original or new Start Menu. The none existent Start Menu in Windows 8 was causing a major issue to the avid Windows user.

The new update looks defiantly to improve Windows 8 that was released in September 2013. New users found it very difficult to adapt to from previous versions of Windows.

After Microsoft listening to customers issues about the system, they decided upon a new update for users of Windows 8. Windows 8.1 offers a massive range of improvements which aim to eradicate problems that users struggled with when using Windows 8.

The main and without doubt the most important change is the return of the traditional Windows Start Menu to the Windows 8.1 interface. Users can now choose to use ‘desktop mode’ which avoids using the un-liked tile interface which had replaced the Start Menu on Windows 8. Also the multi-tasking system has been updated to allow a four-way split screen.

Windows 8.1 now has a more profound and improved cloud integration with its ability to store your documents using SkyDrive.

The new Windows structure also offers much more competent web browsing, easier keyboard shortcuts and improved multi-tasking together with updated multi-tasking, which allows users to view up to four apps at a time.