Run Android Apps on Your PC with Windows 11

Windows 11 is releasing to market later this year, making it the first major overhaul to Microsoft’s flagship operating system since Windows 10 was released in 2015.

The new operating system will build upon the features of Windows 10, bringing enhanced speed, security, and productivity to users. Windows 11 will have a new look with an optimized taskbar and more streamlined transparency effects. It will integrate Office 365 and Microsoft Xbox.

For many users, the most exciting change in Windows 11 is support for Android applications. No longer just limited to your smartphone, you will now be able to run Android apps natively on your PC.

What Does Android Support Mean for Windows Users?

Microsoft will allow sideloading (installing Android apps from .apk files) as well as direct downloads from Amazon’s Android marketplace. The Google Play store won’t be available at the launch of Windows 11 and may not be supported on the platform at all.

Even without Google’s proprietary marketplace, users will still be able to run their favorite apps, making Windows more versatile than ever.

How Will Android Apps be Downloaded on Windows 11?

Android Apps will be available directly on the Windows Store via Amazon’s App Store, according to Microsoft. App developers may also be able to upload their software directly to the Windows Store, although Microsoft is yet to clarify this.

Sideloading (installing apps from their direct installers rather than Amazon or Microsoft) has been confirmed, but the process for doing this is yet to be finalized.

Amazon’s App Store carries almost 500,000 unique Android apps, most of which are also available on Google’s storefront.

Apps will run just like Windows programs, on the desktop in windows of their own. This will allow for simple and efficient multitasking between apps, with multiple unique apps open on one screen. For power users, running apps in their own windows would be much more efficient than running them on separate devices.

Users who run Windows 11 on tablets and 2-in-1 laptops will be able to interact with apps using touchscreen controls. Desktop touchscreens will also work with Android apps.

Windows is Becoming More Capable

Windows has always been the leader in full desktop applications. Adding support for Android apps only makes the ecosystem more versatile.

To make sure you’re ready for Android apps and Windows 11, you can talk to MH Computers about upgrades and refurbished PCs. Windows 11 will become available for upgrade (free for all Windows 10 users) in the final quarter of this year.

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