Get an Affordable Windows 10 Upgrade in Wakefield

With much of the United Kingdom on a government-mandated lockdown, millions of professionals and students are working and learning from home.

Computers and internet services are now more important than ever before. If you are working or studying at home, you will need a PC that meets current standards. If your laptop or desktop is running an older version of Windows, it’s time to consider a Windows 10 upgrade in Wakefield.

MH Computers can offer upgrade services that are quick, easy and affordable. See the benefits of Windows 10 and get help from a technician today.

Better Performance

Windows 10 is faster and more efficient. Startup is improved compared to older versions. With an SSD drive, you will find boot times to be notably faster than even MacOS, and programs will load in seconds rather than minutes.

Touch Support

If your laptop features a touchscreen, you’ll find support to be greatly improved with a Windows 10 upgrade in Wakefield. Touch inputs are more accurate. The user interface is better suited to touch controls.

All-in-one PCs and touchscreen laptops become far more usable with Windows 10.

A Better Action Center

Windows 10 takes cues from smartphones with its new action center. This is where notifications are viewed, and quick toggles are changed. If you frequently receive emails and messages, you’ll it easier to see your notifications. This can increase productivity and streamline your daily workflow.

Enabling Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and changing brightness or battery settings is faster and easier with a Windows 10 upgrade in Wakefield.

More Security

Windows 10 is secure by design and will continue to receive updates indefinitely. For work, the security of Windows 10 can help you to maintain compliance with privacy laws and corporate policies. Older versions receive minimal security updates which could leave your data at risk.

Better Compatibility

Windows 10 is compatible with the latest software for school and business productivity. If your computer is your primary way to work or learn, Windows 10 will be essential. If you’ve had trouble with newer apps on an older version of windows, an upgrade will offer an improved experience.

Get a Windows 10 Upgrade in Wakefield

With all the benefits, there’s no good reason to stay on an older version of Windows. Talk to MH Computers for a Windows 10 upgrade or even an entirely new PC. We offer custom systems and refurbished laptops in Wakefield. Competitive prices and the best service will give you confidence as you work or learn from home in the coming weeks.