Windows 10 Review

While Windows 10 isn’t available until July 2015, developers and curious PC users have already gotten their hands on advance copies. Microsoft has announced it is the final version of Windows, but don’t let that fool you. Their plans are to release upgrades annually to the system, with the first year of upgrades free to users of Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Upon initial review, there were a few items which stood out. Things like Cortana, notifications on the charm bar and the continuum improvements really were impressive. Unlike Windows 8 and 8.1 where new features made systems and caused an increased in the computer repairs Leeds residents needed, Windows 10 appears to be stable.

The Charm bar is perhaps one of the most impressive features Windows 10 has added. Here, you have all your default controls. You also have a powerful messaging tool which allows users to quickly send messages to others. This bar also serves as a notification center for apps, calendar events and more. Making this one of the best new features Microsoft is incorporating into the Windows brand.

Another new feature making its debut in the new build is Cortana. Similar to Apple’s Siri, this is a voice driven assistant who helps you to perform simple tasks. Cortana is able to load up apps, do searches for you online or in your current file system along with other preset tasks. While the early build has many limitations on what Cortana is able to do, she is excepted to be far more powerful when the upgrade is released in July.

Another noticeable improvement in this version of Windows is the compatibility with apps. In 8 and 8.1 apps struggled to function properly. Often consuming great deals of memory or causing other system problems. This led to an increase in the number of computer repairs Leeds residents needed. Windows 10 promises to have better computability with apps and a better overall experience for its users.

While the updated release does have plenty of works, there are some areas of concern still. OneDrive as of the latest version didn’t appear to have any improvements done to the system. Another area of concern is Project Spartan was still buggy and needed a considerable amount of work done to it. However, if these areas do improve it is likely that Microsoft will have a hit with Windows 10.

With features like Cortana and the charm bar already showing a great deal of promise, it comes as no surprise Microsoft is choosing to stick with this stable system. Of course, only time will tell just how impressive the final build is. After all, Microsoft’s history of providing stable, quality releases isn’t good. But if something should happen, you can count on us to help you with any computer repair Leeds computer owners have.