Keep Your Gaming PC Cool with a New AIO Liquid or Air Cooler

The technology used in gaming PCs has advanced dramatically in recent years. The computers we use for entertainment are now more powerful than ever before, they are more efficient, and they offer cutting edge graphics and compute performance that is simply mind blowing when you look at the numbers. The shrinking of microprocessor fabrication methods has meant that we can now enjoy higher clock speeds, multiple cores, and stable temperatures, but sometimes the boxed cooler that comes with your CPU might not be enough.

Gaming rigs can still put out some serious heat, especially during intensive tasks or heavy gaming sessions. The best way to dissipate this heat and run your computer at peak efficiency, is through the use of an aftermarket air cooler or AIO liquid cooler.

Increase Performance and Reliability

If your CPU is approaching maximum thermal tolerances, it won’t run at peak efficiency. The higher the temperature, the more chance there is that performance will be throttled, resulting in lower clock speeds on modern processors. Adding an aftermarket cooler will mean that you can always run your computer to its full potential, and a high quality aftermarket cooler will even provide some extra thermal headroom for overclocking (if your system supports it).

The big questions for many enthusiasts, is whether to go for liquid cooling or air cooling. In recent years, liquid cooling has become viable for the average consumer, and AIO coolers incorporate a fully plumbed radiator, tubes, water pump, and CPU block, so that you don’t need to be an expert to maintain a liquid cooled machine. Products from Thermaltake, Cooler Master, and other manufacturers, are now more affordable than ever before, and you can even have them installed by professionals at MH Computers in Leeds.

If you want to cool your gaming rig but don’t want or need a liquid cooler, then you’ll still get impressive cooling performance from a tower style CPU cooler. A larger cooler incorporates more heat pipes for dissipation, a larger array of fins, and a larger and more efficient fan than what you would get out of the box with your CPU, or on a standard off-the-shelf build. You can find air coolers at MH Computers, and we can help recommend the right one for your specific system and needs.

As an added benefit, keeping your CPU cool can help to maximize its lifetime, allowing you to get the most out of the investment that you’ve made in your gaming rig. If you’re ready to talk about cooling upgrades for your PC, then contact the team at MH Computers today.