What is NAS Storage and what are the benefits?

In today’s digital world all businesses, both small and big business’, need a system for each employee within in the company to easily access files, make back-ups and share devices such as printers and monitors. For all these reasons above are why NAS Storage (Network Attached Storage) may be the solution that your individual business has been looking for.

So firstly, what Is NAS or Network Attached Storage?

It may be helpful to think of NAS as a standalone hard drive that is wirelessly connected to all the computers in the business. This network of users can then store and access files on the NAS so that anyone can access them.

In practice this makes data management so much simpler especially when a group of employees are working on a joint project. Documents and other digital media no longer need to be emailed around the office but can be easily placed on the NAS for sharing amongst everyone.

A massive benefit of Network Attached Storage is that it is possible to set up remote access. Here’s a scenario: Have you forgotten that report you needed to work on at home? This is no longer an issue as you can remotely log on to the NAS from work.

What’s the best for my business, Desktop or Rack?

NAS can be constructed as either a desktop or rack mounted system. For small businesses or where space is an issue a desktop solution would be worthwhile. However enterprise users may be wise to invest in a rack mounted system.

Whichever system you decide to install for your business you can find everything you need from the online store at MH Computer Store

Storage & Protection

You can store a huge amount of data depending on the size of your hard drives on NAS, and MH Computer Store has a wide range of volumes to fit every requirement. Also you will need to protect your data, so RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a key feature allowing data to be written across multiple drives to ensure data is not lost should a drive fail.

Let us get the best solution for your business

Whether you are looking for a desktop or rack mounted system we have everything you at MH Computers in order to expand your NAS system. And, if you need any advice on NAS, you can email us at contact@mhcomputers.co.uk or call us on 0844 334 2294 7 days a week.