Keep Video Memories Forever with MH Computers in Wakefield

Technology has moved at a rapid pace in the last two decades. As homes become more digital and connected, old technology becomes obsolete. If you’re like many families in the U.K., you probably have hours of precious moments stored on video cassette. Today it’s becoming harder to find a way to enjoy your old home videos. This way most precious memories are protected for the future, so it’s time to transfer the videos to digital.

At MH Computers in Wakefield, you can take movies from your old video camera and preserve them forever. Fast, simple, and convenient: it’s time to protect your memories.

How Does Video Capture Work with MH Computers in Wakefield?

At MH Computers we use the latest capture technology. We can record the source directly from your old video camera or cassettes. Video is preserved at the same quality the camera outputs, so there is no loss of fidelity.

We take the video straight into a digital format which can be reproduced countless times without quality loss. Store the results online, on a disc, or on a portable storage device.

If you have just a few home videos, then we can transfer your memories within a day in some cases. For larger archives, the process may take longer. Talk to us about the type of camera or the format you’re working with, and we’ll give you a free quote and all the information you need to make the right decision.

How Much Will It Cost to Transfer Video to a Digital Format?

Storing your home videos should be simple and affordable. At MH Computers in Wakefield we offer a convenient service to back up your cassettes. For just £9.99 per hour of video we can back up your memories in high quality and with no chance of further degradation.

You can store your videos on a disc, a USB flash drive, and you can even upload your videos to cloud storage so that you can access them from everywhere.

Get help transferring video to digital with the Leeds I.T. Experts. Contact us today online or give us a call on 01924 900059 to get started.

Special senior, school, and charitable rates are available please ask.