You are not doing yourself any favours whatsoever by staying on an older machine or running an OS such as XP as you are most certainly behind the times. It’s quite apparent in this modern digital age that computers are not going to stay the same? Not upgrading isn’t even an option. You will need computers now and you will need them 100 years from now as technology advances at an alarming rate.  There are many advances in computers and software that dictate that every few years you are going to need to do some upgrades.  However, if you are several years behind this becomes a formidable task, and a larger learning curve. It is far better to continuously upgrade your systems periodically or at least every three years.

The expense is the same in the long run but the result is that you will be more productive and everyday tasks which require a serious input of newer tech will become more palatable.

You might be concerned about the learning curve together with the expense of upgrading your computer but in the long run it’s really going to make everyday a little easier. Websites and programs will open much faster and you’ll literally move quicker and easier on the computer. You might even notice that some web pages and programs look and feel differently. You will find new tools to help you complete your tasks. I can tell you from personal experience that upgrading my personal computer last year really made a difference in the way I worked.