The Differences Between Used and Refurbished Laptops

Choosing to buy a refurbished laptop can allow for significant savings. If you’re a small business owner or even a freelancer, saving money with refurbished laptops Wakefield could help to protect your earnings and reduce operating costs.

Although refurbished and used are often used interchangeably, there are some key differences in these terms. Learn about them and make the right decision for your next laptop.

Used is not Refurbished

Every refurbished laptop is a used laptop. But, not every used laptop is a refurbished laptop.

To clarify; a refurbished laptop is a used laptop that has undergone extensive quality and reliability checks. Some parts are replaced as necessary. Batteries, screens, keyboards, and other components are tested to ensure they are comparable to new hardware.

Used laptops sold either privately or from a shop are simply older laptops that are re-entering the market. They aren’t treated to the same quality checks and refurbishment steps.

A refurbished laptop Wakefield will always be more reliable than the average used laptop.

Refurbished Ensures a Genuine Operating System

Refurbished laptops Wakefield are guaranteed to have only genuine software. At MH Computers, we are Microsoft Registered Refurbishers and provide all of our refurbished computers with fresh copies of Windows 10.

Genuine software ensures that you get feature and security updates as they are available. Your new refurbished computer will be free of viruses and malware. Software piracy is damaging to the wider IT industry, and it can also compromise your business. Insist on genuine Windows 10 with affordable refurbished laptops at MH Computers.

Refurbished Laptops Wakefield Can be Upgraded

Buying a used laptop from a private seller or a second-hand electronics store might seem like a good deal at first. The unfortunate reality is that you will be left without any options to customize or upgrade your next computer.

For business, hardware specs matter. If you work with large datasets you may require a lot of RAM to keep things running smoothly. You may want a larger capacity SSD storage drive to increase responsiveness and ensure that you have space for all of your documents.

You may need additional batteries to work on the road. All of this is possible with MH Computers. We are a full-service IT support company. We can modify our refurbished laptops to closely meet your needs.

Save Money Without Compromises When You Choose Refurbished Laptops Wakefield

In today’s economic climate, every pound saved can make a difference. MH Computers supplies affordable refurbished laptops Wakefield with modern hardware and impressive performance. All laptops are tested extensively and are configured with genuine Windows 10.

Contact us today to learn more about our current inventory, and enjoy our impressive deals for business users, students, freelancers, and non-profit groups.