Refurbished PC’s – Better than New?

When you are preparing to purchase a new computer, you will often come across businesses and people who will tell you that buying a refurbished computer can be better than buying new. It seems to go against normal logic. How could a used machine be a better option than a brand new one, freshly sealed from the factory? You might be surprised to learn that statements like these aren’t necessarily untrue. Buying a refurbished computer can be your best option, providing that you know where to shop. It’s all comes down to who you deal with, what you buy, and what you know before you begin your search.

Why a Refurbished Computer Might be Your Best Bet

When you purchase refurbished PC’s or refurbished laptops from a reputable dealer, you’re not simply taking a chance on a tired piece of equipment. In many ways, refurbished computers undergo quality checks that are stricter than what the device would have been subjected to when it left the factory. Why? Because refurbished computer dealers need to ensure that every single component is in excellent working condition, and that replacements are fitted for any components that don’t make the grade.

There are many key components that allow a computer to function. There’s the CPU that handles the calculations, essentially the brain of the computer. There’s RAM which is a type of memory that enables programs to run, and for you to switch between programs quickly. There’s also the hard drive and optical drives for your storage and portable media. When a technician is preparing a refurbished PC, they look at all of these components and more.

Consider that a computer needs to be adequately cooled for it to work properly. Certain components generate more heat than others, such as the CPU, the power supply, and on some refurbished PC’s, the graphics chip. Part of the refurbishment process, whether it’s on a desktop or refurbished laptop, ensures that all ventilation paths are clear of dust and debris build-up, and that all thermal components are working efficiently. Fans are checked to ensure they can cool the PC, and sometimes the special layer of thermal grease that facilitates cooling, is reapplied on key components. All of this attention to detail ensures that the refurbished PC you buy is working just as it would when it was first manufactured. A similar painstaking procedure is applied for every component.

Not Every Refurbished PC is Alike

It is clear why refurbished PC’s can be safer purchases than new ones. They’re not vulnerable to factory defects or out of box failures. However it is important to know that not every refurbishment program is alike, and you will need to select a vendor that you can trust.

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Not every refurbished PC can claim to meet the highest standards, as set out by Microsoft and manufacturers like Dell, HP, Lenovo and others. Save money on a refurbished PC and have peace of mind knowing that you’re purchasing the best. Talk to MH computers today and experience cutting edge modern computing, without the cutting edge cost.