How Refurbished Laptops in Leeds Benefit the Environment

Buying a refurbished laptops in Leeds allows you to save money while staying up to date with modern computer technology, but did you know that choosing a Refurbished PC can also help to reduce dangerous waste going to landfills around the UK? Technology allows us to be more productive than ever before, but there are some costs to the advances that have been made in hardware design. Some laptop components are harmful to the environment, and toxic materials can be released when electronics are improperly disposed of. If you want to reduce your personal or business impact on the environment, then choosing to purchase refurbished equipment is a great way to go green.

If you’re worried about being exposed to harmful materials when using a computer, you don’t need to be. The levels of toxins and other substances are relatively low, and with RoHS compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive), laptops and desktop PCs are safer than they have ever been before. However, when computer parts are disposed of, especially in bulk, components can break down and dangerous materials can then begin to enter soil, waterways, and even the atmosphere.

Let’s take a look at some of the materials typically found in a laptop computer;

  1. Lead is found in laptop batteries, and can cause physiological damage to humans and animals.
  2. Cadmium is also found in laptop batteries, and can be absorbed by humans and animals. It can lead to organ damage if not handled correctly.
  3. Bromine is used as a flame retardant in plastic parts.
  4. Sulfuric Acid can be found in laptop batteries, and is a highly corrosive substance.

When a laptop is completely intact, none of these materials will cause problems. So using a laptop or desktop computer doesn’t mean you’re at risk of toxic exposure. What is critical, is that laptops are disposed of correctly through collection centers, refurbishers, or manufacturer recycling programs.

Refurbished Laptops in Leeds from MH Computers Ltd

If you buy a used laptop privately, you don’t always know the condition that it’s in. Not only do you not know if it is in good shape to provide you more years of enjoyment and performance, but you also don’t know if components like the battery and internal parts are still sealed and safe for use.


When you buy Refurbished Laptops in Leeds from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, you have confidence knowing that the computer has been expertly assessed for performance and safety, so you not only get a computer that works as good as a brand new factory unit, but you also have peace of mind knowing that it is safe, and that you prevented a machine from potentially ending up in a landfill.


MH Computers Ltd is the best choice for Refurbished Laptops in Leeds and Refurbished Computers and PCs in Leeds. We’re Microsoft Accredited with the MRR scheme and provide recent models so that you don’t have to miss out on the latest tech. Contact us today for more information, and see why investing in a Refurbished Laptops in Leeds or a Refurbished Computer in Leeds is not only the most cost effective way to buy a new PC, but also the most environmentally responsible.

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