Go Green! Refurbished Laptop or New?

When discussing new or a refurbished laptop there’s lots to consider on how it effects us and the planet. When it comes to making business decisions, especially regarding computer hardware, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Performance is one, and then there’s also price, but on top of that, many businesses are now becoming more environmentally aware, and seek to lower consumption to reduce their carbon footprint. If you’re looking for ways to make your own business leaner, with a more environmentally friendly operating model, then you should consider the purchase of refurbished laptop for your team.

Toxins in Computer Hardware

Although laptop manufacturers seek to minimise the use of toxic materials and pollutants in their devices, there is still a significant amount of pollution and waste that is created with the manufacturing and distribution of computers and parts. Lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, and bromine, are just some of the toxic materials that are used in laptops and desktop computers. Although the actual toxicity of a single device is negligible and safe for use, when you consider the millions of computers that are produced and discarded yearly, the toxins that end up in the environment can be significant.

These toxins aren’t the only environmentally unsafe materials that are used in laptops. Batteries can contain many toxic chemicals and materials that biodegrade at extremely slow rates. Computer monitors, even those on laptops, also use toxic materials. When business laptops end up in landfills, or even if they are incinerated, toxins can pollute the air, as well as soil and groundwater. Sometimes, toxins may even end up in water supplies used for agriculture or drinking water production.

Pollution in Shipping

Looking at the above, it’s clear the laptops and computers should be used for as long as possible, and disposed in safe ways to ensure that toxic materials are not introduced into the environment. But even ignoring the materials used in the production of computers, the carbon cost of transporting computers for sale, should also be taken into account. Most hardware is manufactured in Asia, but the majority of technology products are shipped to the UK, the USA, and Europe. This creates a significant environmental impact through ground, air, and sea transportation.

Reducing the Environmental Impact

Although this may paint a bleak picture of the computer industry and the materials used, there are ways that businesses can mitigate the damage and reduce their own environmental impact. The easiest way to do this is to purchase a refurbished laptop. Here in Leeds, used laptops are purchased in large quantities from private users and businesses that have used leased machines. Through a stringent inspection process, laptops are restored to as-new condition, with complete cleaning, restoration, and necessary hardware replacement. Because the laptops are sourced locally and reintroduced into supply, purchasing a refurbished laptop is significantly less environmentally harmful than purchasing a new one.

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