Running any kind of non-profit organization means that the business model needs to be extremely lean. However, especially in the case of schools and charities, cost cutting should not be detrimental to the quality of education or the goals of a charity. Computers have become an absolute necessity in any organisation, and they’re also one of the most significant expenses.

One way that your charity or school can reduce the financial strain is by dealing with a local IT service contracts company that can provide competitive rates, and an alternative to brand new PCs.

What Do You Need From an IT Service Provider?

Your IT company in Leeds should be able to do more than just sell you the devices that you need. At times, you may need Laptop/PC repairs, or even upgrades for older computers. Choosing IT service contracts means that you can reduce the overall cost of computer hardware, because equipment will always be maintained to the highest standard. The right maintenance schedule can mean that you won’t have to worry about devices prematurely failing, and you’ll be able to identify minor repairs before they turn into costly replacements.

Computer Procurement, Repairs, and PC Upgrades

MH Computers is a Leeds based technology company that can provide an end-to-end service for any of your educational or charitable organisation IT needs. Not only do we provide affordable reconditioned laptops and PCs, but we can also offer maintenance contracts for hardware, network, and software, and we also provide repairs and PC upgrades.

The best news for your organisation is that we offer special rates for schools, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations. If you need to minimise your costs so that you can provide the best public service possible, then we can help you to achieve that with a number of affordable products and services.

Being on the leading edge of technology doesn’t mean that you have to invest a fortune in equipment and maintenance. Talk to us today to arrange for service contracts of all sizes, PC upgrades, laptop/PC repairs, and reconditioned computers that have gone through an extensive Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program.