Recent WannaCry Virus Reinforces the Need for Security Solutions

Whether you operate a business with laptops and PC’s or you’re a home PC user, online security is something that you will absolutely need to consider. Viruses and malware are prevalent on the internet, and even something seemingly innocent like opening an email attachment could lead to your computer being compromised. For businesses and other organisations running large networks, a virus or malware attack could compromise dozens or even hundreds of computers.

WannaCry Virus a Wakeup Call for Millions of Computer Users

In May of this year, more than 200,000 individual machines around the globe were compromised by the WannaCry malware attack. Known as a form of ‘ransomware’, WannaCry is software that encrypts all the data on a computer, holding the machine hostage and forcing users to pay a fee for the encryption key that will allow them to get their data back. Paying the ransom can be risky, because there’s no guarantee that the attackers will release the encryption key. After all, when they’ve already received the ransom, what incentive is there to help the user?

Malware similar to WannaCry gives us an excellent reminder: No matter what you do with your computer when you’re online, you always need an efficient and trusted antivirus and antimalware solution. For antivirus programs in Leeds, you can rely on expert assistance from MH Computers.

Don’t Leave Your Data at Risk

Our team recommends BullGuard as the premier antivirus and malware protection solution for home and business users. The software is more than just an Antivirus, as it also covers malware, configurable content blocking, parental control, and it can even optimise disk usage and your windows registry. There’s also built-in email virus protection, which will be a key advantage for businesses running internal mail servers.

BullGuard can also help to make regular backups on network drives or removable devices, allowing for complete peace of mind, even in the event that your system does become infected with such malware as the WannaCry Virus.

Antivirus Solutions in Leeds

Don’t leave your security up to chance when you are online. Millions of systems are compromised every year, and if you’re not protected with a comprehensive antivirus/antimalware solution then it’s only a matter of time before you become a victim.

Talk to MH Computers us today about how Leeds antivirus software like BullGuard can safeguard your personal or business machines against such malware as the recent WannaCry Virus.