Liquid Coolers and Keeping Your PC Cool

Liquid Coolers and Keeping Your PC Cool Liquid coolers were once only done by highly qualified PC techy’s with money. The kit was expensive and often leaked but it was the only way their high-end processors could cope with the heat generated from all-night gaming sessions.
Anyway thankfully times have changed and today’s liquid coolers are as sought after for their energy-efficient credentials as they are for drawing heat away from hot components together with noise reduction is a further benefit.
So now that easy-to-install and eco-friendly technology has made its way to the components market, you no longer have to be part of the gaming scene to add such hardware upgrades to your kit.
A large amount of components are available for cooling and silencing your machine. Together with the liquid cooler, we’ll look at a quiet-running power supply unit (PSU) and an eco-friendly graphics card.
Liquid cooler
Cooling kit used to be expensive and difficult to install. Most coolers had separate pumps, pipes and cooling systems. They required constant maintenance or there was a good chance they would spring a leak over your electrical components. Today, a choice of low-maintenance and easy-to-install cooling kits are available for less than £120.
Power supply unit (PSU)
The amount of power you need is determined by how much wattage your system needs. Many of today’s PCs require a minimum of a 500W PSU.
Any new PSU should come with enough spare cables to install your various components. However, installing the new connectors to every component in your PC will make the installation more problematic. As we’re retro-fitting, we don’t have to take out all the cables in our PC. As long as the cables are in good state we might as well use them. The new cables can be kept as spares for future use.
Graphics card
To get a silent-running system, pursue out peripherals and components specifically designed for the task – some are made to run silently, while others are built for energy efficiency. Supplier’s online selling the GeForce GTS 250 with 1GB of memory for under £110. Prominently, this particularly card won’t place a massive impulse on power. Zotac Graphics Cards lower some of the clock speeds on the card without reducing performance. It draws a lot of power from the PCI Express slot, so it only needs one connector to power up. The card is also much reduced than most graphics cards, so it won’t take up other PCI Express slots on the motherboard.
The result is a quieter, energy-efficient card that’s still proficient of most tasks you can throw at it.