Adding More RAM to Your Laptop with IT Support in Ossett

If your computer is starting to feel sluggish when running applications or even just browsing the web, it could be time for a RAM upgrade.

RAM, or Random-Access Memory, is high-speed memory that your computer uses when accessing large files and running programs. From keeping Windows stable to running all your browser tabs and productivity apps, RAM is one of the most essential components of your laptop.

Upgrading your RAM can make your computer feel faster and may help with the performance of specific applications. Here’s why you should consider an upgrade with IT support in Ossett.

You Can Multitask Better with More RAM

If things start to slow down when you’re using applications for work or school, it could be your RAM that’s the problem. Not having enough RAM will force your computer to swap between files on the hard drive rather than in the faster memory. This can bring things to a crawl, especially if you have a lot of browser tabs and applications open.

With IT Support in Ossett, you can add RAM to your laptop, giving you headroom to run several apps at the same time. Switching between your apps will feel faster. You won’t experience hangs and freezes. Your computer will be less likely to run into an error and display a notorious blue screen.

RAM is Essential for Video Editing

If you make videos for school, business, or even for fun, more RAM can make the job easier. Video editing often means dealing with large files as you cut, add transitions, and run effects for a more impactful production. Having more RAM can make video editing smoother. You’ll be able to load and scrub video assets faster. Having more RAM can also help with encoding.

If you upload to YouTube or any other platform, adding more RAM can enhance your entire workflow. MH Computers provides the best IT Support in Ossett. We can offer RAM upgrades for most laptops and even build custom PCs for video editing.

Web Browsers are Faster with More RAM

Web browsers have evolved to become the most important apps on modern PCs. They’re more than just a gateway to the internet. You probably use your web browser to access cloud-based productivity software, chat, social media applications, and much more.

More RAM makes a big difference if most of your work is done through a browser. You’ll be able to switch between tabs fluidly and will experience less slowdown. Talk to us for IT Support in Ossett and find out which upgrades are available to you.

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