Help Staff Work from Home with Refurbished Laptops Wakefield

Small businesses across the UK are being forced to adapt to a global health crisis. Social distancing is necessary to protect staff and business operations. Achieving this in a traditional office can be challenging so this is where refurbished laptops can be good.

If you’re a small business owner and want your team to work remotely, you’ll need to make sure that your staff has the right equipment. Refurbished laptops Wakefield can be the perfect solution for this unprecedented time.

Affordability Without Compromises

The biggest obstacle to a remote workforce is having hardware on hand to deploy to your essential team members. The cost and complexity of distributing desktop hardware are prohibitive. Laptops are portable and more convenient for people working in home offices.

Purchasing new laptops for your business is an unnecessary expense. You can save hundreds if not thousands of pounds by purchasing refurbished laptops Wakefield.

Most refurbished laptops are sourced from large organizations that have reached the end of their leasing programs. Small businesses will enjoy big benefits when going down this path.

  • The laptops are recent models with fast processors mid to high-level specs.
  • They are thoroughly tested and repaired or upgraded if necessary.
  • All parts and features are tested as working before refurbished computers are sold.
  • Fresh copies of Windows 10 are installed to support all your apps.
  • Batteries are tested for safety and performance.

Refurbished laptops are more affordable. Most of the cost of the hardware is recovered during the lease. As the second owner, your company will enjoy near-new equipment for a bargain price. Refurbished laptops Wakefield are high-performance business machines but are closer in price to entry-level consumer products.

Buy Refurbished Laptops Wakefield Today

Keep your staff working throughout 2020. More importantly, keep every team member safe. As a business owner, you’ll feel more confident with a remotely deployed workforce.

At MH Computers, you’ll find the best refurbished laptops Wakefield. You can talk to us today to learn more about our inventory and prices. We’ll help you to find solutions to suit your business. We also offer IT maintenance contracts so that you’ll have support when you need it, including on-call support for workers at home or on the road.

Work smarter during the pandemic with the help of the best IT team in Wakefield.