Custom Designed Gaming PC Leeds

In 2016, PC gaming reached a staggering $61bn USD in market value. If you’re a gamer who wants the best experience in terms of graphics, control, and even playability, then a dedicated PC is definitely the way to go.

If you’re coming from a console or even if you’re completely new to gaming, then building a new PC can be intimidating. With an MH Computers Gaming PC Leeds build, you can get started in the world of PC gaming with a powerful system that is designed to meet your needs.

Why Our Gaming Systems Are Simply Better

Your first Gaming PC Leeds should meet your current needs, while also having some flexibility to meet the challenges of new games in the future. Console manufacturers would have you believe that PC gaming is prohibitively expensive, but this is absolutely not true.

While high end enthusiast Gaming PCs can cost thousands of pounds, there are plenty of affordable components that we can use to give you high definition graphics, smooth frame rates, and all of the processing power that you need for modern and classic gaming. Both Intel and AMD hardware is available on the CPU side, as well as NVidia and AMD for the graphics. If you’re looking for budget gaming that still rivals console performance, there are even options like AMD’s APU units, which combine graphics hardware and processing into a single chip. We’ll talk to you about your needs and your budget, and design a system that you’ll love.

A professional Gaming PC build will mean that you won’t have to worry about matching components like the motherboard and CPU, and you won’t have to painstakingly look for the right RAM and graphics card. If you need a lot of storage, then we can install a conventional mechanical hard drive, and you can also include a solid state drive (SSD) for your operating system and the current games that you’re playing. A solid state drive offers faster read and write times, which means lower loading times and overall snappier performance.

Peripherals like the monitor, mouse, and keyboard, can all be sourced through MH Computers, and we’ll make sure you get quality components that help you get the most out of any game. Want a mechanical keyboard for durability and tactile response? Then we’ll find the right one for your new Gaming PC Leeds.

Talk to Us Today for a New System

No need to worry about compatibility, building the PC, or even getting the right airflow through your case – an MH Computer Gaming PC will be ready to go, with manufacturer warranties for every component.

Talk to us today to get started in the exciting and ever-growing world of PC gaming.