New Gaming PC Builds and PC Upgrades in Leeds

In the past three decades, PC gaming has gone from a relatively niche and limited market, to one of the most important industries in modern technology. Whether it’s the latest impressive game engine, or hardware from manufacturers like Intel, AMD, and NVidia, the PC gaming niche has captured the hearts and minds of millions of enthusiasts around the world.

Of course, if you want to be able to play the latest games in high definition at smooth framerates, then you will need to invest in some Gaming PC hardware. With MH Computers, you will find that it’s possible to get even a high end build for a reasonable price.

Why Choose a Custom Gaming PC?

While it’s true that a standard multimedia PC could run modern games, the experience will not be the same as what is possible on a PC designed for gaming. General purpose PCs are designed mainly for multimedia and web browsing. High graphical performance is not the target, and this is why gaming experience will suffer when using a basic computer.

The main problem is the graphics card. Most consumer laptops and desktop PCs use integrated graphics that are suitable for basic applications and HD video, but don’t have the computing power to display high resolution 3D graphics at the 60+ FPS that PC gamers crave.

A custom built PC from MH computers can mean that you will have the freedom to choose a dedicated graphics card, the right CPU, and enough RAM to future proof your PC for upcoming releases.

PC Upgrades for Your Existing Rig

If you already have an older gaming PC that is starting to feel the strain under new titles, it doesn’t mean that you have to invest in a whole new machine. Upgrading your graphics card, RAM, and CPU is easy with MH Computers, and some components may not even need replacing.

Take the CPU as an example. Most modern PC games are optimised for single and dual core CPUs. Even as some titles take advantage of more cores, the performance difference from upgrading the processor may be minimal. If you have a recent dual core CPU or even a hyperthreaded multi core CPU, you may not even need to change that component. Talk to us to discuss the kind of performance figures you want to achieve, and we’ll help you to find the best solution that fits within your budget.

A Gaming PC Provides the Best Entertainment Experience

Consoles cater to the mainstream, they come in at relatively low prices, and they’re hugely popular. However, you often have to pay for online subscriptions, the games are more expensive than PC games, and there’s no upgrade path in sight. With a custom PC for gaming you can play the latest multiplatform titles and PC exclusives, take advantage of sales on services like Steam and GOG, and of course your gaming computer will handle any entertainment or productivity task that you can throw at it.

Talk to us today about your new build, or for PC upgrades that will take your gaming experience to the next level.