Enjoy a Modern Operating System through the Microsoft Refurbisher Program

In today’s market there’s always a need to find the best value, along with the best bottom line price. When it comes to computers and software, there are often significant investments to be made, and for some individuals and small businesses the mainstream prices can be a little too steep. Recognizing the problem, and understanding the importance of providing modern computing to as many people and organizations as possible, Microsoft has been running the Microsoft Refurbisher Program for a number of years now.

So what exactly does this program mean for retailers, technicians, and of course consumers?

What is a Refurbished Computer?

There are a lot of misconceptions in regards to refurbished computers. Refurbished computers are used computers that have been inspected and made ready for sale. A refurbished computer is not simply the same as a second-hand computer, and there are a number of reasons why.

Refurbished computers are nearly always recent models, and the majority of the units available are refurbished laptops.

They often come from businesses who have upgraded their corporate computers.

Refurbished computers undergo stringent quality checks from qualified computer technicians.

Faults are identified and repaired.

Components are checked for remaining lifespan and overall condition.

Refurbished computers come with brand new software.

A Microsoft registered refurbisher will provide genuine software like Microsoft Windows and Office, and a warranty on the computer hardware.

Did you know that a refurbished computer undergoes a more thorough quality inspection than new computers? New computers are mass produced and because of modern production methods, there are a number of parts that can be assumed to be in good working order. A used computer is different, and must undergo stress testing and checks to ensure it’s up to quality for sale. Buying a refurbished PC is not as risky then as buying a second-hand computer from a private individual.

Why choose the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program?

The refurbisher program benefits everyone from Microsoft themselves, to the refurbishers, and eventually the consumer.

By providing their Windows operating system and other software like Microsoft Office at reduced cost Microsoft is able to get their software in to the hands of more people. In some cases they will reach users who wouldn’t otherwise have purchased a brand new Microsoft loaded computer. The refurbishers then receive the benefit that they are able to install original, virus free, and registered Microsoft software on to their refurbished laptops. Of course the consumer also receives the benefit in that the cost of their refurbished laptop is not inflated with the full licensing fees for the Microsoft Windows operating system and other software, making a refurbished computer even more affordable.

The Benefits of Genuine Microsoft Software

The fact that you can buy a refurbished computer for a fraction of the cost of a brand new computer is the single largest benefit, but there’s also the benefit of ensuring you’re using genuine software.

Choosing a refurbished laptop from a Microsoft registered refurbisher ensures that the software installed on the PC is licensed and legal. This provides protection for the refurbisher as well as the consumer. Used computers that are loaded with pirated or cracked software could be host to viruses and malware that have the potential to pose a significant security threat.

Financial details, personal information, and even business information could all be compromised on a PC that’s loaded with non-genuine software. The performance of the computer could also be affected as rogue programs and processes tie up system resources.

The registered refurbisher program takes the guesswork out of the operating system and other software that is installed, so consumers can always be sure that they’re receiving genuine Microsoft software.

Modern, Safe Computing at an Affordable Price

Refurbished laptops make it possible for anyone to enjoy the latest in personal computing, and the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program makes the latest software even more accessible, while protecting users from software piracy and attacks from viruses and malware.