Ever clicked delete on the wrong file? With modern operating systems, when you accidentally ‘delete’ something, the data can be recovered from Trash on macOS, or the Recycle Bin in Microsoft Windows. But what happens when that data is well and truly gone, or you have experienced a system crash where you lose your operating system? Maybe your hard drive has been damaged, and you can no longer access your stored data, no matter what you try.

If you’re a business owner, you would probably start to panic. Even if you’re using the computer at home, thoughts of losing years of photos, documents, music, and other files will probably be running through your mind.

The good news is that lost data is rarely gone forever with the benefit of MH Computers and data recovery Leeds. Even if you’ve deleted something in error, the data can often be recovered, unless you’ve already overwritten the locations on your hard drive where the data was stored. Damaged hard drives can also be recovered, whether they’ve been physically damaged or their file system has been damaged.

Getting any kind of laptop or PC repair, especially data recovery Leeds, means that you will need to deal with professional IT consultants who use the latest tools and techniques. Your data is the most important aspect of your computer. Businesses use data to store critical files like accounting records, business plans, and other documents. Even if you’re a home user, much of your data would have high sentimental value, such as photos and family videos. Take into account the time that you’ve spent purchasing and downloading a music, film, or television series collection, and imagine the process you would have to go through if all that was lost. With data recovery services in Leeds, you won’t have to.

MH Computers is a leading IT consultancy, computer sales, and repair company. Our data recovery Leeds service can ensure that your most precious files are retrieved and backed up on to a new hard drive. In some cases, we may be able to repair file damage or loss, without replacing your hard drive. This makes for an affordable service, which is important for businesses, students, and home users.

If you’ve lost your data, don’t panic. Call MH Computers today and find out why we are trusted across West Yorkshire for new and used computers, IT consulting, network setup and maintenance, repairs, upgrades, data recovery, and any of your computing needs.