Is a Damaged Laptop Screen the End of Your Faithful Device?

If your laptop screen has failed or become damaged, you have three options. You could either replace your laptop with affordable refurbished laptops Leeds, you could use an external monitor, making your laptop less versatile while losing portability, or, you could have the screen replaced.

Looking at these options, the best one is clearly a screen replacement. With laptop repairs Leeds, you can get a new panel for most modern laptops, saving you money on a complete replacement and giving you the freedom to use your laptop wherever you need to take it.

Affordable Laptop Repairs Leeds

A laptop screen is an integral part of the experience. The whole point of a laptop is to have powerful computing on the go, and a damaged screen will take away that flexibility. While it’s true that laptops aren’t as easy to repair desktop PCs, the screen is actually one of the parts that is relatively easy to acquire and replace.

To get a screen replacement you will need to choose a trusted laptop repairs Leeds provider. At MH Computers, we can provide new OEM screens for most laptops manufactured in the past five years. A new screen will provide the exact same resolution, clarity, and brightness as your original screen, and after the repairs are complete it will be near impossible to tell that your screen was even damaged in the first place.

Repairing the screen is more cost effective than replacing your laptop, even when compared to our affordable refurbished laptops. In the majority of cases, a replacement screen is advised over a complete laptop replacement.

When Should You Go All-In with a Full Laptop Replacement?

A screen replacement is affordable and can be completed in a short time-frame. However, there are some cases where we do recommend complete replacements. If your laptop has suffered extensive damage to the chassis, and if there is a risk that other components will fail in the future, then it is a better idea to get a complete replacement. Another reason to purchase a replacement laptop is if your old laptop is no longer suitable for your needs.

With refurbished laptops Leeds, we can offer recent model replacements that are more affordable than brand new PCs. We’re Microsoft Registered Refurbishers, so you’ll have confidence knowing that our used laptops have been through stringent quality checks and that all software is genuine and safe from malware and viruses.

Talk to us today for any of your laptop repairs Leeds, whether it’s a broken screen, a damaged keyboard, or anything in between. We’ll help you to choose the most economical solution that gets you back up and running for work, play, or whatever you use your computer for.