The laptop cooling business is an ever growing and quite competitive market.  I am quite sure you have seen a lot of these systems being sold in computer shops under: cooling pads, mats, fans, etc. They come in different sizes, shapes, colours and configurations but all of them aim to do only one thing; to keep your laptop or notebook from overheating and cooking itself into an early death.

The quite amusing thing, however, is that I’ve never really used one of these bulky items and I have never ever lost a laptop to an overheating issue.  Because of this it got me wondering whether we really need such gadgets or whether they are just another way of manufacturers to pry us away from our hard earned money unnecessarily.

Because of these issues I did a little research and here’s what I’ve put together.

Overheating is indeed very bad for your laptop as it is, in general, bad for any electronic device. There are a lot of reports online about laptop overheating issues and one of the most public signs that your unit is experiencing such is when your laptop experiences unexplained shutdowns. One of my laptops is a 3 year old HP G56 and among all my laptops the G56 is the one most prone to getting a bit too warm. And come to think of it, I’ve had a number of times when I found it shut down for no reason. I guess one possible clarification is overheating.

Other signs that your laptop or notebook may be over heating are memory dump errors, run-time errors and even the dreaded blue screen of death!

Most laptops are designed to deal with the heat produced by its components with built-in fans that help the proper ventilation and circulation of cooler air to keep its internal temperature down. Of course if you work on your laptop under the searing heat of the sun, not even the world’s best internal cooling fan will keep it from overheating. Using your laptop in air conditioned rooms is probably the best way but this is not always an option, especially in the home.  I use my laptops at normal room temperatures all the time with no problem. However, keep in mind that not all models are made the same. It is best to get to know how your unit responds to the way you use them and take measures accordingly. I guess one of the cheapest ways to go about it is to increase your laptops internal cooling with suitable laptop cooling fans or pads.

There are some reports that indicate that overheating can be caused by dirt build up on the laptop’s fans and vents so be sure to keep these parts clean and free of dust. Opening up the bottom panel and cleaning the cooling fans and vents with a soft brush and/or a can of compressed air should do the trick.

In some extreme cases it has been said that overheating laptops can cause skin burns or discomfort especially if you place them on your lap while working.

Computer and laptop overheating is a well-known issue as there are many models that are not very well-designed to prevent such while there are units that are very good at cooling itself down. if you’re like me who doesn’t like adding more weight to the computer carrying bag, then getting a laptop cooling fan may not be such a cool idea.  I have never lost a laptop due to overheating and my C660is still running relatively well. I just have to make sure that I don’t use it under the direct heat of the sun