Choosing a Suitable Laptop should not be a chore, so here is plenty of information you can consider before making this very important purchase.

If you were not already aware there are hundreds of laptops available to buy now both on-line and in many of our retail stores. Because there is such a massive choice how do we get the best option for you, the end user? Do we start from the cheap and cheerful or do we progress to the lustrous and expensive?

With the assistance of this blog we will let you know how to go about finding the perfect model for you.

A good preliminary point to thinking about what type of laptop you need is to consider the following:

  1. The most important thing, what do you want to use your laptop for?
  2. Are you looking for a model that can cope with everyday tasks such as browsing the web, word processing and basic picture editing?
  3. Do you want a more powerful laptop that can power through more demanding tasks such as editing film or playing advanced games?
  4. Where do you want to use your laptop? Are you scheduling to get a model that will stay at home such as a desktop computer, or a more portable device to take out and about?

The rest of this guide we take a closer look at the different types of laptops and what makes a good one, including which features to look out for together with making the right choice and discounting others.

Budget laptop

A budget or relatively cheap laptop is perfect for those who want to complete everyday tasks such as surfing the net or basic word processing tasks. It could be fantastic for those using a computer for the first time. Design is often one of the biggest issues so, while they are still portable, budget laptops can be a little bulky.  These would suit students, novices, those on a budget or with basic computing needs.

Family laptop

As the name proposes, these laptops can cater for the whole family and, though they aren’t the most powerful models on the market, they will be perfect for going online, doing homework and emailing friends and colleagues. The average 15.6” screens means you will be able to carry this laptop to different  rooms relativity easily, though they are not likely to be portable enough to take out of the house for prolonged periods. These are ideal for families or advanced users.

Ultraportable laptop

Just like it says above transportability is the priority with these models, so they are both thin and light. It also includes the more recent sub category of ultrabooks – a relatively new name for super slim and portable laptops that meet its specifications – which are powerful and responsive to boot. Ultraportable laptops may not be your main computer or laptop, but an additional laptop you use when out and about or for work. This would suit people on the go, business personal and engineers.