Desktop PC Buyers Guide – MH Computers

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Customer: I need to replace an old Acer desktop and have no idea what I should buy. I don't use it for gaming. I do use it to watch some TV via an HDMI cable to my TV and I might want to download films. It's mainly used for photos, web browsing and emails. What [...]

Buying a Refurbished Laptop or PC

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We've all had the experience of buying something expensive, getting it home, taking it out of the box, and finding that something just isn't right. Maybe it's marked or dented. Maybe it lacks a feature you badly wanted. Maybe the product in question just doesn't work properly. And in all of these cases, the natural [...]

Best & Worst PC Upgrades

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Best & Worst PC Upgrades PCs as we know lasting longer than ever, but interest in upgrading them so that they last even longer, or can handle newer software, is still high. But to get the best bang for the buck from an upgrade you have to spend money carefully. And buying the wrong thing [...]

Windows 10 review from MH Computers

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Windows 10 Review While Windows 10 isn’t available until July 2015, developers and curious PC users have already gotten their hands on advance copies. Microsoft has announced it is the final version of Windows, but don’t let that fool you. Their plans are to release upgrades annually to the system, with the first year of [...]

Second Hand Computers – The Benefits

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Feel free to browse our latest range of second hand computers section to purchase from the best range of second hand cheap desktops and laptops. Most of these laptops have come from large businesses and corporate companies, they are generally end of lease products. All laptops go through a thorough inspection by our professional team, [...]

Benefits of Getting a Refurbished Computer

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The Numerous Benefits of Getting a Refurbished Computer Refurbished technology is gaining more and more popularity. Why is it a good idea to consider buying refurbished computers or laptops? There’s a big difference between used and refurbished – the second option involves technology that has been returned to the manufacturer (rather than technology that has [...]

Buying a PC from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher

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We offer affordable and reliable refurbished PCs. If you are looking for ways your business or organization can enjoy the benefits of owning a PC that fits within your budget, consider refurbished PCs from a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher. A refurbished PC purchased through a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher gives you an affordable system that is preinstalled [...]

Enjoy a Modern Operating System through the Microsoft Refurbisher Program

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Enjoy a Modern Operating System through the Microsoft Refurbisher Program In today’s market there’s always a need to find the best value, along with the best bottom line price. When it comes to computers and software, there are often significant investments to be made, and for some individuals and small businesses the mainstream prices can [...]

Apple OSX Yosemite and Windows 8.1 – A Comparison

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Apple OSX Yosemite and Windows 8.1 – A Comparison In the world of computers, there is one undisputed leader in operating systems, and that is Microsoft Windows. But does that mean that Windows is the best operating system out there? We’re going to take a look at Microsoft’s latest Windows 8.1 operating system, as well [...]

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