Laptop Upgrade Options with New & Refurbished laptops Leeds

If you’ve purchased a new laptop, whether it be a brand new unit or even a quality refurbished laptop, you may have some concerns about future proofing. You may have heard that only desktop PCs can be upgraded, and that laptops are mostly a dead end when it comes to adding components in the future.

While it’s true that a desktop computer is more modular and upgradeable when compared to new or refurbished laptops Leeds, it’s not entirely correct to say that laptops aren’t upgradeable, and there are two major upgrade options that can give you some breathing space, even as newer equipment comes to market.

Hard Drive Upgrade for Increased Storage

Increasing the storage of a laptop by installing a larger hard drive is a common upgrade path. This can help if you need to store large multimedia files like video or audio files, or if you’re going to be installing large applications. A hard drive install can be performed by the team at MH Computers, and you’ll have two options when it comes to the type of technology that is used.

For the most cost effective upgrade that comes with most storage, you can choose a mechanical hard drive upgrade. This type of upgrade will use a traditional drive with a spinning disc platter. Laptop hard drives of up to 2TB are relatively inexpensive, and will provide more than enough storage for the average home or business user.

If it’s speed that you’re looking for, then you could choose to install an SSD drive. This type of drive uses advanced flash storage (think of it as a beefed up version of a thumb drive), which allows for faster read and write times. Everything from your operating system to your applications will load faster with an SSD, but you will pay more per gigabyte when compared with a standard mechanical drive.

RAM Upgrade for Better Multitasking Performance

If you need to increase your performance with modern applications, and you want to be able to run multiple applications simultaneously, then upgrading your RAM would be the best upgrade path. Computers today come with at least 2GB of RAM, although 4GB is the ideal standard, and some more powerful laptops even come with 16GB or 32GB of RAM. RAM modules on laptops can be swapped out by a technician, so if you’re struggling with multitasking or application performance, increasing your RAM could help to bring your laptop up to spec, and it’s a relatively affordable upgrade that can be performed on most refurbished laptops Leeds.

Talk to Us Today About Upgrades for Your Laptop

Whether you’ve purchased a laptop from MH Computers Ltd , or even if you have an existing laptop that you’re not quite ready to replace, you can talk to us about the most suitable upgrade options that are available to you. For a small investment, you could add years to the functional life of your laptop.