Can Companies Afford to use Underpowered Business PCs?

There’s sometimes a common misconception in business circles, with some users believing that for productivity tasks, it’s possible to get away with using an underpowered business PC. While it is true that some businesses have modest requirements when it comes to processing power and hardware resources, it is also important to understand that for future proofing any investment, business owners should aim to procure the best technology that they can afford.

Why do Specs Matter

What are business PCs typically used for? Leeds business owners span diverse industries, from technology based markets, to finance, and even manufacturing. The applications that a business uses will largely influence the type of computers that are required, and it is essential to understand that the bare minimum is not always enough.

In most industries, the processor and the RAM in the computer will be the most critical components that determine performance. The Processor, or CPU, determines how fast the computer is able to calculate code and processes. A faster processor can mean faster execution time for running applications and complex algorithms.

The RAM is also critical. RAM is a type of memory that can hold temporary data for near instantaneous queries. Although some businesses will have mild RAM requirements, there are industries where speed and total available RAM will be critical. Accounting software, and large complex datasheets, will require more RAM than simple applications. Without the right amount being matched to software, tasks will be impacted as software bottlenecks the productivity within a business.

There are even cases when a graphics card will be essential for a business PC, such as in graphic design, CAD applications, 3D modelling, and video encoding.

Finding a Balance Between Affordability and Power

Considering all of this, it is clear that finding the right business PCs and business laptops is not as simple as buying the lowest priced devices. Functionality and performance must come first, and then the most affordable solutions can be identified.

In your own business, you have options ranging from new and refurbished laptops, to custom PCs that have been designed to your exacting standards. Talk to MH Computers about your software, your business, and your computing needs. Our expert staff will identify the best solutions at the best prices, so that you can purchase Leeds business computers that continue to provide value for years to come.