The Reasons for a Custom Built PC for Video Editing

Get a Custom-Built PC for Video Editing PC in Leeds Whether you want to stream live videos through platforms like Twitch and YouTube, or of you want to produce your own videos for school or business, having the right Custom Built PC will make your work easier and faster. When you have a powerful computer [...]

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NVIDIA Releases its Latest Graphics Cards

Nvidia Releases New RTX Graphics Cards Nvidia's GeForce graphics cards have dominated the market for almost 20 years, starting with the GeForce 256 in 1999. Despite strong competition from ATI and later AMD, Nvidia has always managed to stay ahead of the curve and at the top of the sales charts. In recent years, PC [...]

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Refurbished Laptops for Students at Affordable Prices

Get an Affordable Student PC with Refurbished Laptops in Leeds Reliable refurbished laptops are a necessary tool for every student. The way we learn and work has changed dramatically in recent years, making a quality laptop essential for students of all ages. Whether you are purchasing a laptop for your child in secondary school, or [...]

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Whats the Best, Free or Paid Anti-Virus Software?

Should You Pay for Anti-Virus Software in Leeds? Protecting your data is essential in an age where daily life is largely digital. Everything from your banking to ordering dinner can be done online, and this means that you are regularly exposing your personal information and even your finances to a certain level of risk. To [...]

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A Guide When Buying Refurbished Laptops

The HP ProBook is the Perfect Business Refurbished Laptop Leeds If you’re an entrepreneur looking for the most cost-efficient business equipment, or a larger company that needs to invest in new notebooks, then refurbished laptops make a lot of sense. Leeds refurbished laptops are more affordable than buying new, and you won’t even have to [...]

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Getting the Right Security for Your Refubished Laptop

Get Leading Antivirus and Internet Security Solutions for your Leeds Refurbished Laptop and Refurbished Desktops If you’ve recently purchased a new or refurbished laptop in Leeds, then an internet security and antivirus solution is something that you should consider purchasing. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business user, a gamer, or even a student; internet [...]

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Whats the Best CPU for a Gaming PC?

Building a Gaming PC in Leeds? Two Processors You Can’t Ignore Gaming PC enthusiasts and gamers around the world had a lot to celebrate in 2017. AMD released the Ryzen line of processors, giving real competition to Intel for the first time in more than a decade. Intel responded, improving the processors in their i3, [...]

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PC Repairs to Get Your Device Running to its Max

PC Repairs & Laptop Repairs in Leeds for Systems Old and New A functioning computer is essential for modern business, student life, and entertainment. Whether you like to play the latest online games, or if you’re constantly researching for the next university assignment; a computer is an essential modern tool to have. With computers being [...]

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Anti-Virus & Internet Security Solutions

Anti-Virus Solutions with MH Computers and BullGuard Owning a computer and accessing the internet is something that we take for granted in today’s society. Just as the internet has opened up new ways for us to find information, experience entertainment, and communicate with people from around the world, it has also meant an increase in [...]

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New AMD Graphics Card for Your Gaming PC?

Are you looking for a New AMD Graphics Card for Your Gaming PC? After a few years of languishing behind the competition with overpriced and under-engineered hardware, AMD has made a huge comeback in the last two years. An all new line of CPUs, and the new RX 500 and RX Vega series graphics cards [...]

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