SSD Drive – The Best Upgrade for a Refurbished Laptop?

Over the years, countless customers have enjoyed the affordability and performance offered by our refurbished laptops Leeds. Our refurbished computers are much more than just second hand devices, and actually have more in common with new machines than they do with used ones. All of our laptops are put through extensive testing to ensure there are no faults with components, and we complete installations of the latest software through the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program.

Buying refurbished laptops Leeds will undoubtedly save you money, but what can you do if you’re looking for an upgrade on an already impressive piece of hardware? For many of our late-model systems, an SSD is the obvious upgrade path.

What Will an SSD Do for You?

Most laptop computers, even brand new ones, come installed with mechanical hard drives that spin at 5200RPM. These drives were the standard for many years, and arguably still are. However, modern SSD drives can offer improved speed and increased reliability.

A mechanical drive relies on a spinning magnetic platter to write and read information. A special head needs to navigate across the platter to access any file that is stored on the drive. The process takes time and speed is ultimately limited by how fast the drive can spin. By comparison, an SSD or Solid State Drive uses flash memory. It’s similar to what’s in a USB stick, but is much faster and produced using advanced manufacturing techniques. With an SSD, you can get up to 5x the speed of a normal hard drive, which can drastically change your computing experience.

When you use refurbished laptops Leeds, an SSD can speed up application load time, it can increase file transfer speed between folders on the computer, and it will maximise the speeds you get when transferring to an external SSD drive. If you regularly work with large programs or datasets, then an SSD can make a significant improvement to the speed at which you can process your workload. An SSD will also allow your computer to boot much faster, often in a matter of seconds.

Perhaps most importantly for people on the go, an SSD has no moving parts. This means that it is more robust and better suited to a laptop. Eliminating mechanical failures can mean that your data is safer than it would be on a normal hard drive.

Buy or Upgrade Refurbished Laptops Leeds Today

If you want to make a cost effective upgrade today, then talk to us about putting an SSD into your laptop. Even if you’re thinking about buying refurbished laptops Leeds from MH Computers, we can work out a package where we’ll pre-install an SSD drive for you.

SSD drives cost a little more than their hard drive counterparts, but the benefits in speed and reliability make them a worthwhile investment for your new refurbished laptop, or for upgrading the laptop that you already have.