When it comes to AMD’s AM4 Platform & Ryzen CPUs for mainstream gaming and productivity PCs heres a small blog on the AMD Ryzen CPU

In fact, in recent years, Intel was in something of a one horse race, with no real answer from AMD in terms of raw performance. In 2017, the situation has changed significantly, and with the new AMD Ryzen CPUs, we finally have some decent competition for Intel’s high-end and mid-range offerings.

With the new Ryzen architecture, we’re getting all new CPU’s, as well as new motherboards and chipsets. The old AMD AM3+ platform was lagging way behind in terms of modern performance and peripheral compatibility, so if you’re in need of a PC upgrade or a complete build, AM4 and Ryzen could be exactly what you need.

What You Get with the AM4 Platform

The most obvious benefit to upgrading to AM4 is that you’ll be able to use the latest Ryzen 7 CPUs, as well as the Ryzen 5 models that will be releasing in early April. The 7 series CPUs are 8-Core / 16-Thread chips, whereas the 5 series will feature both 6-Core / 12-Thread and 4-Core / 8-Thread chips. If you’re interested in upgrading to Ryzen for either gaming or productivity, then anything above 6-Core will provide excellent performance for modern workloads.

There are five different chipsets in the AM4 range, with the B350 and X370 being at the top of the pile. If you want to overclock your Ryzen CPU, then you’ll want a motherboard with one of these chips. If you want a compact board that doesn’t have as many I/O options, then you could consider X300 or A/B300 chipset boards. With the X300, you’ll still be able to overclock, even in a mini-ITX case, if you have the cooling for it.

If you want to run dual graphics cards in Crossfire, then both B350 and X370 based boards will suit you. However, if you will be running Nvidia cards in SLI, then only an X370 based motherboard will be compatible. When you do go for the top board, you’ll get 6 SATA ports and 2 SATA express ports, as well as USB 3.1, 2, and 1 compatibility.

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