Ready for an AMD Ryzen Gaming or Productivity PC Upgrades Leeds?

If you’ve been thinking about PC upgrades Leeds, or even if you want to have a brand new custom PC, then the CPU market in 2017 is definitely in your favor.

Just last month, AMD released their long awaited Ryzen 7 CPUs. These 8-Core / 16-Thread powerhouses have sent shockwaves through the market, allowing for excellent price to performance in productivity and workstation tasks. Even in gaming, the Ryzen CPUs have shown a lot of promise, and in many benchmarks they are outperforming comparatively priced Intel chips, and they only come slightly behind when compared to chips that are twice their price.

We haven’t seen this kind of competition in the CPU market for quite some time, and many enthusiasts will be pleased that AMD is finally giving Intel some competition. After all, with more competitive chips from team red, we should start to see some nice price battles in the near future, and AMD’s new architecture could even force Intel to innovate a little bit more than they have been in recent years.

At the end of the day, consumers win, meaning that now might be the right time to upgrade or build a new PC for gaming or productivity.

High Performance Mid-Range Chips Are Almost Here

However, if you can wait just a little bit longer, you might be able to find a pricing sweet spot with the upcoming Ryzen 5 CPUs that are releasing on the 11th of April. The 5 series CPUs feature the same architecture as the 7 series, but will feature two chips that are 6-Core / 12-Thread, and two that are 4-Core / 16-Thread.

While the four core chips are meant mainly for entry level gaming and enthusiast users, the six core chips sit nicely in the mid-range, and with 12 total threads available, these CPUs should perform well in current and next generation games, and they’ll provide plenty of power for multitasking and intensive workloads like video editing, rendering, design, and audio production.

If you want to start designing a new PC, or if you want PC upgrades Leeds for your current machine, talk to MH Computers for the latest technologies and the best pricing and service in the area.