Has your old computer lost its mojo or maybe you have just invested in a brand new PC and you’re thinking life is good… until your husband tries his role-playing game over the internet, or you want to open several applications at once. You find that the simulation just isn’t quick enough, and neither is your multitasking. Even if you have the latest device this doesn’t mean it’s the greatest — in terms of performance. There is some good news as new memory (RAM) is easy and moderately inexpensive.

Upgrading Computer memory (RAM) is one of the swiftest, most effective and most cost-effective ways to help your performance of your PC or Laptop. Up until recently many new computers came with only a bare minimum of memory (RAM) installed. Adding more RAM can add more energy to your system and installation of the memory is not that complicated or expensive.

So how much memory is needed? An average computer user is probably okay with the basic 1GB to 2GB of RAM. But as fast as technology changes, so will the need for additional memory. Just remember that more is better but your PC or Laptop will have a maximum that can be installed.

2GB is what most average users need, but if you’re looking to make your processor really work for you for high powered applications, extreme gaming and multimedia work you will need to upgrade the memory.

Help is at hand as below are 5 reasons why more RAM is beneficial to your PC.

  1. Does your current PC struggle to open emails and spreadsheets at the same time. If so a memory upgrade is paramount for a smooth, effortless and multitasking experience. It gives your computer an extra boost so it doesn’t have to use the hard drive to manage data.
  2. If you like to spend countless hours on the Internet, but don’t like when your system slows to a crawl, you’ll want to upgrade your computer’s memory. No matter how fast your Internet connection is a memory upgrade can help your browser display pages far faster. When your computer can store more data in RAM, it has to swap out less memory to the hard drive. Web sites use rotating banners, Flash and Shockwave animation, streaming audio and other plug-ins as stunning effects to entice visitors. A computer memory upgrade can give your computer the enhancement it needs for today’s faster web browsing.
  3. If you like to print large files like presentations with photos, graphics and charts then an upgrade is a must.  A printing bottleneck when you want to print several documents off at once can be fixed easily with a simple memory upgrade. The boost in performance can have a large influence on productivity, especially in a networked environment where several PCs may be sharing one printer.
  4. If video-editing is your latest forte, you will defiantly want to add more RAM to your PC. We all know editing is fun, providing it’s not too slow. Because video files are very large, you’ll not only need a big hard drive to store the file, but a fast processor and lots of RAM help to speed things up.
  5. A new graphics card may be very nice, but it is not always enough for today’s cutting edge gaming. Revolutionize your 3D gaming experience by adding more RAM. By adding more memory this helps support colour at higher resolutions and gives you the power for improved 3D rendering, with astounding character realism and texture adaptability. Enjoy crisper, brighter images and imaginatively fast 3D video and animation for a powerful, virtually real gaming experience.