Windows 8 now brings important advantages to those who are upgrading existing PCs or purchasing new ones, thanks to features that better take advantage of the new Operating System. The OS offers improvements in performance and is a lot cheaper to buy than previous versions of Windows. There are now new improvements with the newly updated Windows 8.1 which is available for existing Windows 8 users via an update through the Microsoft Store.

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For a closer look at the OS, read on and I should also mention  there are some cases in which you probably shouldn’t make the move. Windows 8 has a new look and requires some adjustment in the way you interact with your PC. If you are a bit of a die-hard Windows XP fan or don’t like change you may like to continue with your current OS.

If your PC is significantly old you will require a processor with a minimum of a 1GHz processer and 1GB RAM.  If your PC is for work use your employer may not allow you to upgrade.

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Here are 5 Reasons to Choose Windows 8

1.Qicker Start On some tests with that of Windows 7 on the same computer, Windows 8 started up more than twice as fast as Windows 7.

2. New Apps Windows 8 gives PC users a whole new world of full-screen, touch-friendly, Web-connected apps to explore. And these new apps can even display relevant information on their Windows Start screen tiles, something impossible in Windows 7.

3. SkyDrive Microsoft’s cloud service has become way, way more than just online storage. Sure, it still lets you save and access files to an online space that’s accessible from a Web browser or apps that run on not only Windows, but also Mac OS X, iOS, Android.

4. Better Security Windows 8’s default Web browser, Internet Explorer 11, was rated best in a recent test by NSS Labs. This compared with 70.4 percent for Google Chrome, which uses the same Safe Browsing API as Firefox. Opera and Safari only managed to block about 4 percent of the malicious downloads.

5. First-class touch input  In some ways, touch-screen input on Windows 8 is superior that of the Apple iPad and you can do everything you need to by swiping with your thumbs, making a tablet easier to use by holding it by the sides.