AMD Still a Solid Choice for a Gaming PC Wakefield

In just a few short years, AMD has gone from an underdog to trading blows with Intel in raw performance. While doing this, it has remained cost-competitive.

If you are planning on buying a custom gaming PC this year, AMD is arguably your best choice. Intel has been forced to catch up, but it lags in architecture and multi-core performance. Comparing directly, AMD often provides better performance with more cores, at a lower cost.

Even if you haven’t been following the tech news, this will benefit you. It means you’ll have access to a faster gaming PC Wakefield, at a more competitive cost.

There’s Even Good News at the Entry-Level

AMD’s performance goes right down to some of its most affordable processors.

Take the AMD Ryzen™ 3 3300X as an example. This processor has four cores and eight threads. It boosts up to 3.4 GHz, allowing for impressive single and multi-core performance for demanding games. The cache is huge, allowing for better task bandwidth.

Best of all, this processor has an RRP of around £115. As the heart of your next gaming PC, it could be a real bargain. It would give you the flexibility to spend more on other components, like a graphics card.

In synthetic benchmarks, the 3300X outperforms popular Intel i7 and i5 chips by a significant margin. In gaming performance, it will work well with a card right up to an RTX 2070 Super without bottlenecking performance.

Get Your Custom Gaming PC Wakefield from Local Experts

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We’ll talk to you to understand how much you want to spend. We’ll look at what you use your PC for, and design a solution that works. Of course, AMD isn’t the only option to consider. We’ll use the best hardware to suit your budget cap and preference.

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