Why it’s Sometimes Better to Repair your Business Computers

If you’re running a business, you know how staggering the operational costs can be. Even for a small business, expenses like utilities, software, computers, and even stationary can begin to add up. To maximize efficiency and ensure that you’re turning a profit, it’s important to make smart decisions regarding expenditure. One simple decision that can save you serious money over a financial year, is choosing laptop repairs and PC repairs, over purchasing brand new equipment.

Generally, the average business will be able to make use of the same hardware for two to five years, although depending on what you use your computers for, your mileage will vary. This doesn’t mean that when a computer becomes faulty or outdated, that you need to replace it in the first instance.

Computer Upgrades and Repairs in West Yorkshire

Upgrading a computer can be a more cost effective way to bring your computers up to speed. The core components of a computer, including the memory (RAM), the processor (CPU), and the hard drive, can easily be replaced, even on machines that are up to five years old. In some cases, even older machines could receive a massive performance boost from upgraded components.

If your business is running new applications which require updated hardware, then replacing one or more of the aforementioned components can enable you to work efficiently, without completely replacing your computers. Similarly, a faulty computer can often be repaired at significant cost saving when compared to a replacement, especially when only a single component has failed.

When is it Right to Purchase a New Computer?

There are still times when a new computer will be absolutely necessary. Sometimes faults aren’t economical to repair, or the cost of upgrades might not be proportionate to the gains you will receive. In some cases, you may need equipment with the latest emerging technologies, especially if you are involved in industries related to design, engineering, or audio/video production.

To offset the costs of procurement, it is a good idea to invest in refurbished computers. These computers are near-new models that have undergone stringent testing, with any unqualified parts being replaced with new OEM ones. The quality control checks for refurbished PCs are more stringent than most production lines. The best thing about refurbished PCs, is that they often have current generation hardware, but are priced well below their original retail.

Deciding on the Best Option

When you’re faced with the decision of upgrades, repairs, new, or refurbished, it is important that you are able to speak to expert IT consultants who can help you to find the option that best suits your business needs, and your budget.

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